It will pass

It will pass

The joy of of getting married and dreaming of forever…will pass. The blaze of colour as night turns into dawn… will pass. The anticipation of a new job or a promotion… will pass. The thrill of learning a new skill or technique… will pass.

The dark clouds and roaring thunder… will pass. The sting of broken trust… will pass. The cold short days of winter… will pass

I try to be aware, no matter what is going on, in good times and bad…

“This too shall pass”

Nothing is forever. Seasons change, moods change, people change, circumstances change, fashions change, life is change. To say otherwise is to be willfully blind and ignorant.

And as much as LIFE =CHANGE, I must say I hate it usually. Especially when it’s short notice or unexpected. Makes me anxious. Makes me angry. Makes me uncomfortable. Makes me sad.

But that too, will pass.

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