Not really a lot to say lately. Had several thoughts and ideas but of course I didn’t have a way to record them at that moment, and now they’re gone. Oh well, hopefully inspiration will strike again soon.

This coming week should prove interesting. Thankfully I have tomorrow off (I just finished 6 days in a row at the store). Tuesday I work my usual early morning shift (6am to 230pm). Wednesday I work 2pm-close (and training a new hire). Thursday I work 11am-730pm (and again training the new hire). Friday back to my usual 6am-230pm. I hope I can make it….I’m so used to early mornings that I’m usually sleeping (or at least in bed) by 10pm, not closing the store at that time! Plus I feel the best in the mornings. Mental focus and energy is the best then and it tapers off through the day. Working the later part of the day WHILE training will certainly be challenging. The work itself isn’t hard but there are a lot of details to remember and there’s only so much time to cover them AND practice the skills needed. And due to scheduling, this individual MUST be ready to work alone by Saturday morning. BUT he can only come for training late afternoons and evenings.

Its only 4 days. But still, looking at it from this side of things, its going to be a tough 4 days

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