Tapestry of Faded Threads

I’m trying to be more interactive with people I know are struggling with mental health issues. Twitter seems to be a great place to connect for whatever reason. Today it struck me again how we all need to stick together. Alone, as individuals we’re as weak as a thread when we’re having an “off” day. It takes very little to make us snap. We know it too, and our strength is focused on keeping the few fibres of that thread holding together…

Here’s a thought, however. Take one loop of thread and use it to tie my wrists together. I’ll be able to snap that thread with almost no effort. 5 threads? That gets a bit more difficult. What about 10? or 20? So what Andrew? What does a stupid piece of thread have to do with mental health?

Its quite simple. You see, if I try on my own to keep my world together when I’m having a bad day, it’s gonna be a hell of a tough time. However, if I share my struggles, suddenly I find don’t have a single thread holding things together. Instead, people start coming together in support. They add their thread to mine. and suddenly instead of a single black thread, there’s colors and strength added to my day….and if we step back, those threads and colors are just a bit of this massive tapestry.

Sure we all have our days, both good and bad. But I’ll tell you this: I know my life has been touched and impacted by people I’ll probably only know online. And I know I’ve touched and impacted others as well.

We’re all flawed, we’re all “frayed threads”, that’s true. But if we work together, our strengths and weaknesses create the most amazing image of strength, all the more beautiful for the the imperfections woven throughout.

Please feel free to hit me up on Twitter. There are a number of communities that I can connect you with if you feel like no one understands — trust me, when it comes to mental health, isolation and feeling like you’re the “only one”, there’s nothing like reaching out and finding there are others who “get it”.

Much love,


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