FitGoals 2017

FitGoals 2017

So several weeks ago something changed. I started to get really curious, and then planning, and finally I bit the bullet. A week ago I bought myself a pair of new running shoes, specifically for running, along with a FitBit. I still cycle to and from work daily, but now I’ve added to those goals. By July 15th, my goals are:

  1. Smoke Free (starting June 1st)
  2. 200+ pushups
  3. 200+ bodyweight squats
  4. 200+ situps
  5. run 5k
  6. improve mental and physical health (because research seems to indicate they’re rather closely linked)

My ultimate goal is to be able to run 10K before the end of August and then work on improving my speed for a 5k run on Sept 23rd. (Imagine Run for Mental Health, Niverville Manitoba — ya’ll come out and show some support!)

So what does that look like? Well, run training is gonna be 3x a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and the bodyweight exercises will be 3x a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), with Sunday being a complete recovery day. My hope/plan is that by alternating running days with bodyweight exercises, I’ll maximise my time and efforts, while still allowing each muscle group a “rest day”. On top of this I’ll still be biking to work and back (2.5km one way) with my morning run usually a higher intensity, and the ride home just enough to elevate my heart rate (and as somewhat of a warmup for my run days).

All the guidance apps I’ll be using are by ZenLabs on Android. I’m pretty sure they’ll be available on iOS as well.

My plan is here: (its a PDF so if by chance you want to use it, feel free!) I will adapt if I’m finding days where I can’t meet the daily targets, but I’m running the 5k in September…. I don’t care if I pass out right at the finish line, I’m gonna do it!

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