I’ve Been Thinking

  • I really need to re-learn how to research. If I’m going to write and I depend only on what’s in my head, I’ll soon run out of ideas. However I can take an idea I’ve come up with and research the various aspects – which may support or refute my idea, or it may inspire me to develop a new idea, or alter my initial concept
  • I need to get better at having a notebook and pen, smartphone, voice recorder, anything really that will allow me to take down rough ideas whenever they occur to me. I have started doing this (sometimes) but I need to work on making it into more of a habit. I’ve had all sorts of ideas pop up but unfortunately it usually happens when I don’t have a way to jot down the rough concepts.
  • I need to explore all aspects of writing. Not just a “brain dump” of whatever has been rattling around between my ears lately.
  • Not that it matters at the moment but I don’t know how I’d classify my writing style. I love using allegory and word pictures to help explain or make my point, but other than that, I write prose, fiction, poetic free-verse, and more.
  • Do I want to become a full-time, “this is how I make my living” writer? At this point, I’d say no, only because my brain can’t make the leap of being able to support myself financially without the unknowns of an irregular paycheck. At this point I don’t think that would be a good thing for me mentally – the anxiety would likely be rather detrimental. That’s not to say I’m absolutely opposed to the idea – Just at this point I don’t see a smooth, easy jump. Or that I’ll ever gain enough “reach” to get there!
  • Slowly, I’m getting hungry. I want to explore more – life, thoughts, spirituality, faith, mental health, art, emotion. There is more to life than cold hard facts, and I think I’ve recovered and healed enough over the last several months that exploring these facets can be a continued source of healing and recovery, instead of something that was unobtainable or unreachable – which it often has felt like up until very recently.


I don’t know where this is all going to take me. If It’s just for my own healing and recovery, that’s fine. But I don’t want to keep this to myself. I hate the thought of someone else out there feeling as alone and overwhelmed as I did – my hope is that as I explore and walk this journey that it’ll at least bring a bit of hope to someone.

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