Well, here we are already. Labour day weekend… I’d have to check my calendar but I swear it was May long weekend  just a few weeks ago! That’s a little depressing but you can’t stop time.

I’m gonna make this short, so I’ll hit the bullet points

  • I’d been thinking about it for a while, but I removed myself from 2 technology chatts. It was fun (when I was in the mood and had time) chatting with the guys about random stuff and keeping up with the latest tech (smartphones, cameras, laptops, software, etc. Lately it was becoming more of an annoyance so I decided to cut myself out. I’m trying to reduce the “digital noise”. Nothing wrong with the chat or the guys, but if I get annoyed with the notifications more than I’m eager to jump into the chat, then it’s time to evaluate what it’s actually doing. For now, its cut. Maybe later I’ll join in again.
  • On a related note, kudos to Rob and Martin (from those groups) for checking up on me afterwards. I’m not sure if/when you guys will see this, but thanks – definitely proves who’s got my back
  • Finally got a jump on cleaning up my kitchen. I was afraid my counter had run away but it had just disappeared under stacks of rinsed but not washed dishes and pots. Ooops.
  • Long weekend coming up. I don’t have any specific plans as of yet other that 1) find a recipe for the pork tenderloin I picked up the other day. I have a few rough ideas but I’ll have to go looking for some recipies. 2) blog – finish the monster post I’ve been working on for several weeks and send it off to my volunteer editors, and start outlining and researching some stuff to write about in the future 3) hopefully make it to church as long as I don’t procrastinate too much! 4) hopefully do some photography 5) do a bit of socializing (how much depends on how I’m doing, of course)
  • THIS to me is why RED is one of my favorite bands. Their albums, especially their earlier stuff is full of songs like this. I’ve really been enjoying the ‘performance track’ version (no vocals) because it showcases the incredible songwriting and arrangements that they’ve done. If you want to find the full version, you can find that here
  • I think that’s about it. My evening meds and chamomile tea are doing their thing. Time to wrap this up and get ready for bed.

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