Even thought it’s Tuesday evening, it’s already felt like a bit of a long week. Yesturday evening was a bit of a struggle again – low level fatigue and anxiety all day. One of my team was ill so I worked an extra 30 minutes to accomidate a shift change and a different team member come in to take the shift. The last 3 hours of the shift were also accompanied by increasing sensitivity to the sounds and activity around the store. By the time evening rolled around I was definitely feeling low. The best option would have been to call someone, maybe even go to a coffee shop and talk. I was too tired physically and I wasn’t sure I could handle any more people situations. So I did the next best thing – hit up the #sicknotweak community on Twitter and chatted with a bunch of people – at one point I was struggling to keep up with the comments and conversations. Normally I’d get frustrated but it felt so good to interact. It didn’t take long and I was smiling and attempting some humor.

Today was… a day. Yet again, near the end of my shift I was starting to get annoyed by the sounds and busyness of the store. I’m chalking it up to change in seasons.

From here the rest of the week is probably going to fly past.
Wed: Work as per usual, training run, home for supper – maybe be social or maybe hit the coffee shop and do some writing.
Thu: Work as per usual, Doc appointment after, nothing planned after that – probably just relax at home
Fri: Work as per usual, Probably treat myself to pizza or something. Rest and pack my back in the evening.
Sat: Low key morning planned, and off to the Imagine in Color run for the afternoon and probably part of the evening. Depending on how I handle the run and the crowds will determine how long I stay at the event. I know there’s BBQ supper and a dance party after. I’d like to stay for the BBQ but I’ve got no interest in staying for a dance party. Too much volume, too many people in a small area, too much crappy music.

After that, I’ve got Sunday and Monday to recover from that and get ready for the next round of work!

If you’re at the Imagine in Color event, come say hi. I’ll be the tall skinny guy, and probably looking a little overwhelmed!

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