Many many years ago, I made what I thought would be my last “New Years Resolution” – and that was that I’d no longer wait for New Years to make changes. If I was going to make changes, I’d do them as soon as possible rather than waiting for a momentous occasion (for most people that’s New Years) to make it memorable. That and a ridiculous number of New Year’s Resolutions fail within 6 weeks…. talk about stacking the odds against yourself right from the get-go!

That being said, I think I’m going to make a change in how I approach and use social media in 2018. First of all, I’m going to cut down on the accounts I follow. Many accounts I follow (especially on Twitter and Instagram) are just “follow-backs” – you know, an account you may possibly be interested in follows you so you follow back. Second, I’m going to adopt a more “no filter” approach and try to be more intentional about what I’m putting out there.

Far to often we “filter” our social media posts. We change the reality of what we’re posting. We make it “better”. We may omit part of the story. We filter our pictures. We post the “happy” bits of life, and none of the “mundane” or “hard” times. Comparison breeds comparison and it’s too easy to get sucked into the “filtered life” approach. I no longer have the mental energy to constantly put up a good front, either in real life or online.

So starting soon, I’ll be going through my accounts list and removing some. Consider this your warning – if you get cut, don’t take it as a personal attack. It’s me just cutting away unnecessary fluff that isn’t helping me grow and recover.

The only exception I’ll make will be with my photography – that I’ll continue to edit for effect or appearance. Otherwise, #nofilter will be the mantra for 2018.

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