I wrote this in an attempt to clear out some dark, troubling thoughts I’d been battling all day. It is rather dark, but please be assured I’m not in danger, I have no desire to harm myself or anyone else. By giving these crazy thoughts a form and a voice, they stop being so overwhelming. Consider this to be blowing off steam in the form of creative writing. And yes, I do feel much better now!

Please sir, I beg you
Let me off at the end of the line
The price I’ve paid for this ride
Could cost me my own mind
The streets are filled with strange signals and signs
Whispering and confusing which way to go.
This way and that, shrouded in fog.
I’m trapped here forever
Please don’t ask me which way to go
I’m lost and alone and I just don’t know
The voices mock “Come, follow me!”
I’ve no strength left, they scoff as I fall
I can’t fight back nor can I resist
As I’m beaten with chains
Subdued then bound
Then taken Below
Where vultures wait
And voices wail

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