So I had this crazy idea. Invite a bunch of people to ask me questions in order to get to know this guy Andrew (or Phoenix). So… Here it is. There’s a comment box waaaaaay down there, past the promotional stuff and ads and stuff. (because I’m nowhere near having the content, money, or time to buy a plan…yet). Yeah, down there is a comment box. Ask me something you want to know (or know more) about me. Basically, keep it somewhat PG, ok? 18a/R rated questions (or questions that require an adult audience type answer) probably won’t be addressed. I’ll moderate and delete comments and/or questions if things get nasty. I doubt it, but on the off chance, well – you were warned!

Once you guys have had a few days to ask questions (and feel free to ask more than one, although I’m not making promises as to if I’ll answer all questions from one individual, or that I’ll answer al questions. Basically, I’ll choose what I think are the best or most interesting/unique questions about what makes me “me”, and make a separate post, or maybe break it up into multiple posts.

If you asked questions on Twitter I’ll do my best to address them, but please put it in the comments here just so everyone can see what has been asked. It might inspire more questions!

And in case anyone is wondering, the title means

  • Ask
  • Me
  • (Almost)
  • Anything

…because I’m not brave or famous enough to justify a wide open AMA!

9 thoughts on “AM(A)A

  1. I’d love to know your answer to what you find the most rewarding and challenging about being such a strong advocate. What is the hardest part? What makes it worthwhile to you?

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  2. What is your chosen career path, and how did you choose the path and/or get there? If you are off of work due to whatever reason, what was your job and would you go back to it and why?

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