Exciting Update!

I’ll keep this one pretty short – I realize I haven’t been posting content here as much lately, but I’m hoping I can get back into posting more writing AND photography content in the near(ish) future.

However, what I do want to share is a very exciting oppertunity that presented itself to myself a few months ago. I’ve become involved in an amazing online community called The One Project. I’ve posted about them before, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had an amzing oppertunity because of their partnerships

Previously, I was able to have one of my photo articles presented as part of an exhibition at Sunway University which I wrote about here: https://riseabovetheashes.blog/2019/11/08/looking-back-looking-forward/

Not long after, I was notified about another chance to share my work – again, thanks to The One Project – this time with a Canadian photography magazine. I submitted another photo article (which you can read here https://riseabovetheashes.blog/2019/12/12/puddles-and-perspectives/ and in early January I was notified that my submission had been selected and will be part of a collection from other photographers from The One Project on the effect of using photgraphy as mental health therapy.

My work (along with my fellow photographers from The One Project) will be published in PhotoEd Magazine, and I believe it will be in March. Physical print copies will be available from Indigo/Chapters stores – but due to space/cost contstraints not 100% of their content will be in the physical magazine – but the digital magazine will have all the content.

So to wrap up:
1) I’m going to work on posting content on a more regular basis – both written and photograhy.
2) I’m getting my work published!!!!

To check out PhotoEd Magazine, go to this link: http://www.photoed.ca/
More importantly, if the idea of learning more about yourself, using photography as a form of therapy, and/or becoming a better photographer sounds interesting – please come check out The One Project. It honestly doesn’t matter if you’ve got a house full of professional gear, or you just have the smartphone that’s in your pocket. It really is a fantastic group of people. Come check it out over here: https://app.theoneproject.co/invite

P.S. Yes, if you bring me a magazine, I’ll sign it for you 😎

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