The days are getting longer, the brutal chill of winter grows less each passing day. As winter’s icy claws slowly release their grip on the earth and on my heart, I pause… because perhaps there’s something to reflect on here. Maybe there’s a lesson to ponder as the seasons slowly shift and change.

In this part of the world, winter never gives up easily. Just when you think it’s been beaten back, and there’s anticipation of spring, it comes roaring back with a vengeance. And rarely just once, but for weeks there’s this epic struggle, a tug of war between the brooding, creeping cold and numbing winds versus the longer days, the warmth of the sun, and the return of all kinds of birds as they migrate back from the south. Between the dead of winter and the hope of spring.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spring. I love seeing the world return to life after the blankets of snow. The return of green leaves and grass, and spring flowers of all colors after the nearly monochrome of overcast skies and snow.

But today I realized, maybe there’s something I can appreciate about winter after all – aside from the fact that it makes spring and summer so much sweeter and more enjoyable. No, it’s that tenacity, that rising up again and again, pushing back over and over, not releasing your grip until you’ve exhausted every last fibre of energy.

You’re feeling overwhelmed – and that’s okay. Take a lesson from a Manitoba winter.

Take a step back.
Focus your mind.
Look inward.
Summon your strength that lies within.
Feel the determination rise up again.

And when your adversary relaxes, in that moment where they forget who they’re battling, that’s your moment to lower your shoulder and drive forward with all your might. Because that split second is your opportunity to remind them who you are, and what makes you powerful.

Its You. and it’s there, within you.

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