I haven’t been posting it here as much, but I should. I guess I should – I certainly enjoy taking and editing my photos but for whatever reason I never put them up here.

Well, maybe I’ll start doing that. Here are some of my favorites from the last several months. Most of my stuff gets posted to my Instagram ( andrewp1978 is my personal account and The Art of Involution is my “business” page for if/when I get that ball rolling) so you can check out my work on those accounts if you want. Likes and follows on either account would be greatly appreciated! Following both accounts would be amazing!!

I started this blog as a creative outlet for my anxiety and depression. It was cathartic release, a way to express and process my journey, and in a way, encourage others, or at the very least my hope was that it could give someone else a bit of hope, that someone would know they’re not walking this journey alone. That someone else has walked a similar road, and “gets it.”

But I only recently made the connection that my photography is also an outlet, and it is theraputic in its own way as well.

So if writing was (and still is) an outlet for me, and I post that here, why not include my photography as well?

The photos below don’t have any significance or meaning. But just the act of looking for a good image and learning how to capture what I see in my mind’s eye has been very good. And I know that subliminally there’s a reason I gravitate towards a certain image or color or theme. I’m still slowly unpacking that particular box, but that too is all part of this journey

Anyway, enough rambling. Have a look. Drop a comment if anything really stands out to you, or if you’re also into photography.

It’s crazy to look back over all the shots I’ve taken and see how I’ve improved. It’s a little surreal to look at some of them and feel amazed that I actually took them!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. These are only a few that I’ve taken over the last few months. I’ll try to remember to put some up here on a more regular basis.

And to all my fellow Canadians, I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.

Much love and respect to you all

— Andrew “Phoenix” Penner

2 thoughts on “Photography….

    1. I’m slowly learning the ins and outs of Lightroom, but I haven’t used Photoshop much at all. I really need to just sit down with it, crack open some YouTube tutorials and learn some of it 😎


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