The Start of a New Adventure!

Well, I’ve been really digging into photography this year – if you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that. And if you don’t – never fear, I’ll leave a link for that as well as my “business” accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

And because I’ve been getting better, and due in no small part to some generous support and encouragement, I’ve decided to step things up a bit – and hopefully turn it into something can generate a bit of a profit.

Ladies and Gentlemen (and I say that with all due respect and mean it completely inclusively to all gender identities, non-binary individuals, and so forth) I am VERY proud to announce I have a dedicated website for my photography! I’ll drop a few of my favorites first, and then at the end I’ll have links to my social media as well as the new website. I haven’t played around with it very much beyond the initial setup. There might even be a way to link my blog to it (or link it to my blog so my posts there come here. Or there. Or both. Or something like that. Anyway….

Melancholy Sky
Rise Up
Garden Shoes
Storm Warning
Beyond The Reach of Mortals
Drew Shirley (Switchfoot Concert, 2019)
Self Portrait
Dine & Dash
2XL Squirrel
Voices in the Night
Jackfish Lake
Drew Shirley (Switchfoot Concert, 2019
So in Love (K & K, 2020)
Daily Driver (my brother’s Toyota 4Runner)
Wanna Sammich?

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. These are just some of my favorites I’ve taken in the past 2 years. And even then it’s hard to narrow it down to these ones, and I know I’ll have more favorites in the future. If you’ve ever commented on my stuff, or encouraged me, dropped a like or a heart or something like that, I honestly cannot thank you enough. I’m starting this whole adventure because of your support.

My Website can be found at


Again, thank you for all your support and encouragement. If you’re in the Steinbach area and need a photographer, let me know!

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