Haste the Dawn (2022 rewrite)

I wrote the original version of this around 2005 or so. It had potential, but the few times I tried reworking it wound up making it different but not actually better. At least that’s how I felt about it. It had some good lines, and some good imagery, but the original felt like I forced and idea to be a poem, rather than letting the idea evolve on its own.

Anyway, I came across the original poem and decided to try reworking it again. This time I think I got it right! And before anyone panics, I’m okay. I’m tired, because it was a busy day. But I’m in a much better frame of mind today than I have been for most of the year to date! So without any more preamble, here it is.

Haste The Dawn

I watch the fog settle in,
The damp chills my skin,
Clouds my vision,
And grips my heart.
I watch it cling to the pods of light
That dot the street.
Islands of white
Gleam in defiance of
The thickening gloom.

They say its always darkest
Before the dawn,
That soon the sun will rise:
Hope, Life, Light, Growth.
The day will chase the fog away
Scatter the Darkness, and shatter the fear.

But I’m standing by this dark corner,
Where shadows creep, and darkness moans.
The darkest night has come,
I am utterly alone,
Where fog obscures what is already dim.

”Haste the dawn” I murmur,
To myself,
To God,
To the Shadow that lurks beside me.
”Slay the darkness” turns into a cry,
A wail,
A plea.
”Don’t leave me waiting for daybreak
Don’t abandon me to this endless night”

I entreat with my thoughts,
With God,
”Chase the night away,
I’m waiting for the break of day,
Haste the dawn!” 

I cry,
I plead.

*** *** *** *** ***

I’ve been digging through some of my old writing and have found a few things I want to re-write. It’s cool to see some of the ideas I’ve had, and it’s really cool to see how much my writing has improved since I started blogging in 2017.

Speaking of which, all I ask is that you follow my blog and share/retweet/reblog when I post. Self-promotion still feels really weird but I do know what I’ve written has, does and will make a difference. And if you share my posts, that means I might be able to encourage a few more people, or help them realize they’re not alone. I can’t do this without you, and your comments, support, and encouragement mean the world to me. It really does!

Much love,

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