“Create an awesome day”

My previous General Manager had a saying. “Create an awesome day!” He’d say it to me and to others, I think it may have been his favorite saying. I’m slowly learning (and often forgetting) that creating an awesome day isn’t just about planning your day, setting up meetings, or planning for events, although that certainly … Continue reading “Create an awesome day”


NOTE: I originally wrote this on April 19, 2017 — almost 2 months exactly from today, June 14, 2017. I saved it, because at that point I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share it or not. I’ve decided I will. It’s fictional, a chance to give freedom to the thoughts in my head at that point — but … Continue reading Consternation

Questions from Behind the Mask

“Why does it feel like night today?Something in the air’s not right todayWhy am I so uptight today?Paranoia’s all I got leftI don’t know what stressed me firstOr how the pressure was fedBut I know just what it feels likeTo have a voice in the back of my headLike a face that I hold insideA … Continue reading Questions from Behind the Mask