You have to understand that I’m not like you. I’m broken. Fractured in a way that may never be fully healed. The pieces that make me don’t quite fit together properly. You see, there’s this thing in deep inside that lurks, pacing, waiting for the right moment to break free of the restraints it’s under. … Continue reading Fractured

Reflections 04/20/17

Some days the anger rages. Some days there’s nothing — just numb routine. Yes, you hurt me. Yes, some days I’m still angry. Some days there’s sorrow. Sometimes there’s a smile as I remember the good times. But just in case you read this: 1) I’m sorry for any hurts I caused you. 2) I can’t say … Continue reading Reflections 04/20/17

04/23/17 (or Remembering Amy Bleuel, Tears, and Catharsis)

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I won’t say it’s been horrible, but in some ways it’s definitely been a challenge. Self-care, even basics like a proper shower (I’ve been tending to just do a quick, half-hearted soap and rinse) and shaving. I’ve been absolutely horrible at preparing my own meals, instead either scavenging for … Continue reading 04/23/17 (or Remembering Amy Bleuel, Tears, and Catharsis)


Yes I wrote something yesterday. And today I’ve just been feeling kinda crappy. Not just physically, although that’s part of it. Mentally I’ve just been in a total fog/haze today. I did very little — but finally managed to send out some emails regarding my separation. That in itself fueled procrastination (and has for far too many … Continue reading 04/17/17


So I’ve been chatting with a few people lately — and not small talk by any means. The first one is someone I’ve known online for over a decade. While I won’t reveal the topic of the discussion, I will say they were facing quite the hardship but were determined to make changes. They also were unaware … Continue reading Vomit*