Haste The Dawn

**Another old poem I dug up from the depths. I think this one is around 2010–2011, but yet again I'm not sure** I watch the fog settle inthe damp chills my skinand grips my heartI watch it cling to the pods of lightthat dot the street.And I’m waiting for daybreakThey say its always darkest before … Continue reading Haste The Dawn

**I don’t remember when I wrote this.

**I don’t remember when I wrote this. I think 2011/2012 or so but I can’t say for sure. When I wrote it isn’t important, but it was neat to find it again** I stand alonethe dark at bayholding onto the threads of hope A precipice awaitsa decision eternalDamned if I doLikewise if not And so it goes … Continue reading **I don’t remember when I wrote this.


Wax candle grasped in trembling hand, flame flickering in the draft. Molten wax, dripping on calloused slender fingers. Trembling voice rasping in a nervous hoarse whisper “please don’t be afraid. I don’t want you to be alone”. Darkness as thick as oil, and heavy as a quilt, threatening to drown flame and voice. Feeble light … Continue reading Candle