**I don’t remember when I wrote this.

**I don’t remember when I wrote this. I think 2011/2012 or so but I can’t say for sure. When I wrote it isn’t important, but it was neat to find it again** I stand alonethe dark at bayholding onto the threads of hope A precipice awaitsa decision eternalDamned if I doLikewise if not And so it goes … Continue reading **I don’t remember when I wrote this.

Reflections 04/20/17

Some days the anger rages. Some days there’s nothing — just numb routine. Yes, you hurt me. Yes, some days I’m still angry. Some days there’s sorrow. Sometimes there’s a smile as I remember the good times. But just in case you read this: 1) I’m sorry for any hurts I caused you. 2) I can’t say … Continue reading Reflections 04/20/17